Beach day

Outward appearance can be deceiving.

Yesterday we skipped church (shame on us) to go to the beach.  Everyone was excited because it was a beautiful, sunny, breezy, 80-degree weather type of day. Excitement increased seeing the crystal blue water as we drove over the bridge onto the island.  Once we parked and unloaded we headed onto the sand and thankfully our favorite spot under the trees was still available (something we doubted since it’s spring break season right now).  After setting up chairs and lathering sunscreen it was time to head to the water for baby C’s first experience.

Then the complaining started, and for partly valid reasons.  YUCK!  Seaweed everywhere, merky water, and half eaten fish? Where were we? This was not the pristine beautiful water we saw from on top of the bridge!

This experience reminded me of how people see us.  

I’m always told how beautiful and perfect our family is, and what an amazing job we’re doing raising these 5 little rascals.  I certainly do a great job of making it seem that way on social media!  But the truth is we’re flawed just like every other family.  We struggle like everyone else.  As far as being great parents – well we try but are far from the parents we desire to be.  No one sees the screaming fits, arguments with emerging pre-teens, or emotional meltdowns from the stress special needs can cause.  We are far from the crystal pristine water you see from afar, and as you get closer you will see the imperfections.  Before we left home that day, there was yelling, fighting kids, aggravation, and then when we stopped at the ATM I accidentally drove away forgetting the $20 bill dangling from the machine…..that was fun.  I like to assume that God knew whoever came behind me needed that money more then us, so I said a quick prayer for them.
Anyway, the kids had a great day despite the initial let down.  When we got home and I was cleaning out the van I found an assortment of treasures: sand, shells, abandoned toys, crab claws, and….yep you guessed it….half eaten fish.  Such is the life of a boy mom!  All in all, a great first beach trip for baby C.  He loved the texture of the sand the most.

Have a great day everyone.

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