Where it all Started

Unfortunately we missed “throwback Thursday” yesterday, so instead we’ll post a memory for “flashback Friday”.

Where did our story begin?  

Almost 13 years ago sitting at a picnic table, watching mutual friends riding jet skis on the lake. We attended the same church but hadn’t spoken until that day.  A day chatting led to dating, and a year later we were married. The wedding was beautiful and flawless, and a couple months after the wedding our first house was finished being built and ready for us to move in.


I was a college student and daycare worker, and he was a tile installer.  When not working we spent our days discussing how many kids we wanted and about our desire to adopt.  We traveled, looked for adventure, and ended up collected a menagerie of pets.

Our story started as ordinary and uneventful.  We never dreamed that within a couple of years after marrying, our lives would change in a big way.  But I’ll save that for another “flashback Friday” or “throwback Thursday”.  😉

7 thoughts on “Where it all Started”

  1. You two are the cutest ever! And those humans aren’t bad either! I guess the kids thing has been answered! I have a suggestion for your blog but I don’t want to intrude. If you’re interested let me know.

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      1. In the text section (you can do it from visual too) you click the little more thing and you can also put in your own words like continue reading or whatever. Just leave a space after the last – following the word “more” and use two — after your last word.

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      2. I noticed my followers picked up when I stopped making them scroll through the length of the entire post to get to the one they really wanted. Anything I can help with I’m here!

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