Carrot Cake Cookies

Let me be clear about something – I hate cooking, but I do enjoy baking.  Do you know what makes baking even more fun? When your kids join in!  Today Christian joined me, or actually I joined him….assisted him….OK, I admit it – I just watched.  Since Easter is tomorrow, we decided to bake carrot cake cookies to go with the festivities.

Unfortunately I’m not the creative cooking type, so I usually follow recipes.  The recipe we used is by “Two Sisters Crafting” and can be found on their website here:


We gathered all of our ingredients and realized we had no cream cheese!  Luckily dad was out running errands so we had him pick some up.


Mix, mix, mix, and LICK!

Carrots in cookies?  He wasn’t so sure about that.

Hey!  No licking your fingers while we bake!  Wash your hands!

Bake, frost, decorate.

We’re done!  I mean he’s done.  They sure don’t look anything like the recipe picture, but he’s so proud!


Our taste testers give them a thumbs up!  They are GREAT!  Thank you Two Sister Crafting for sharing this great recipe!



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