Sunset on the Beach

About 3 years ago I bought a Nikon camera so we could capture better photographs of the kids, but mostly all it’s done is sit in the carrying case.  Tonight I dusted it off and took it with us to the beach.

If you’re looking for evening fun, Fort Myers Beach is a great place to visit on Friday or Saturday nights.  While the kids were excited to splash in the waves and play soccer on the beach, I was excited to play around with the camera.  Here are some of my shots:

We picked a shady spot under the pier to sit.
The beach is the best place for a soccer match.  I love the sound of the waves in the background.
Ice Cream Time!  Our flavor picks of the night:  butter pecan, cappuccino kahlua, chocolate chip cookie dough, cookie monster, fudge brownie, and one went with a strawberry lemonade Italian ice instead of ice cream.
Marcus took a hold of the camera and apparently worked out a plan to photograph us in all our exhaustion with Jase photo-bombing from behind! 

Cute little man!


Our absolute favorite picture! 


Looking out towards the horizon reminds me there is a whole world out there we hope we can soon explore.


Everyone is gathering to watch the sunset!

And the awaited finale begins.  A beautiful Florida sunset! 



Not bad photos for a beginner!


P.S. – Christian is working on an ice cream project that involves us taking him to several ice cream shops in the area over the next month.  I guess when you want ice cream, you just disguise it as a project!  Stay tuned…

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