Fishing For Megalodons (A short story by Marcus)


Today a friend and I went fishing in my grandparents backyard pond. We were trying to catch bass like my grandpa does, or see the alligator he always talks about. We grabbed our stuff and set up on the dock.


  • Fishing poles
  • Worms
  • Backpack with tools for releasing and cleaning the fish…(and for building a fort if I wanted to)
  • A snack for the fish – gummy bears…(I told my grandma they were for the fish, but don’t tell her I might eat them)
  • A snack for me – dates and gluten-free pretzels (and those gummy bears)
  • Water bottles

Before I finished eating all the gummy bears, I had a great idea to put one on my fishing hook and use it as bait. That’s when the craziest thing happened!

A fin. A BIG fin! It rose up out of the water and looked right at me. I froze. Suddenly it was me and a gummy bear, versus a MEGALODON!

My friend and I looked at each other and immediately had the same thought.

“Call the boys” I said.

Within seconds a helicopter appeared. Big straps dropped down and secured the megalodon.

“Lift him up boys! You know what to do!” I yelled.

With that the helicopter pulled the megladon out of the water and flew away. We jumped on our bikes and raced home. When we got there the helicopter was doing just what I wanted; lowering the megalodon into our swimming pool!


We named him “Mini” but he definitely wasn’t mini. He was bigger then the pool! His tail hung over the edge, but he didn’t seem to mind. Mom didn’t mind either. She thought he was cool. SO cool that she ordered the helicopter boys to bring a giant shipping container full of gummy bears so I could feed Mini (and myself).

What a busy and exciting day it’s been. I wonder what my friends will think of my new pet Mini. Good thing I’m having a pool party for my birthday, so then they can meet him!

The End 😀

*Written by Marcus and Illistrated by Christian*


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